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    I record people's stories and turn them into beautiful accessible books so friends and family members of all ages can engage with and learn from personal histories.


    I will conduct one-on-one interviews and research, to build a narrative of your life and then work with graphic designers to create a coffee table book so that your story is shared with future generations.



    As a business, you may want your customers to know about how your products are created through a unique process that reflects your company's values or
    As a organisation, you may want all your stakeholders to understand the impact of the work you do.

  • Memory Books

    A coffee table book chronicling the life of an army family.
    A friend of mine expressed his regrets about losing the opportunity to document his Brigadier grandfather's escapades after he passed away. So, we dreamed up a project to document his grandmother's life. The interviews with his grandmother led to a beautiful book with maps, recipes, and old photos about his grandparents journey from 1939 to 1989, juxtaposed against the larger context of wars and the creation of the Indian nation. 
    An illustrated telling of a wife's tale living in alien lands around the world.
    Having lived through unexpected experiences around the world, from New York to post-communist Romania and chaotic Nigeria, an expat wife wanted to pen down the realities of living in unknown worlds. I helped document the stories and created a coffee table book with local mythology (Chinese dragons and Romanian elves), political history and the remarkable everyday tales from Bucharest, Lagos, Delhi, and Shanghai.
    A fold-out timeline of 60 years of precious memories
    For a 60th birthday surprise, we collected the fondest memories from close friends and family. Together with photographs and illustrations we turned it into an infographic, a memory snapshot of a life. The result was a beautiful timeline in the shape of a fold out booklet.
  • Other Work

    Social campaigns demand dense information be translated to relatable narratives for a specific audience. I spend time immersing myself in the problem and then work with designers to create infographics and other products that simplify complex issues and information.

    Reality provides us with facts so romantic that imagination itself could add nothing to them.
    —Jules Verne

  • Testimonials



    "I could hardly believe it when Shivangini turned a project intended to document my grandparents' lives into a beautiful storybook that my family will treasure for generations to come."

    Executive Director, Music Basti (IDEA)

    "Shivangini helped share the story of our organisation, and the many voices it represents through a beautiful and visual narrative form. We wanted the website to share our journey over the years, and we are extremely happy with it!"

    Managing Director at Foundation for Professional Development

    "Excelled in writing, specifically her ability to take complex topics and condense them to target specific audiences. She was creative in her approaches and worked well with people at various levels."
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